Ned founded his own company, Bothwell Electric LLC, after 7 years of working for other electrical contractors in Richmond. Through fundamental electrical knowledge acquired early in his career and a commitment to his customers, Ned believed he could provide the higher level of service they deserved.


Since 2003, Bothwell Electric has offered customized household electrical solutions from minor renovations to large scale additions. Regardless of the size of the job, Ned's company believes that the job should be done for the right price on the right schedule with minimal interruption to a home owner's life. Bothwell Electric has grown because Ned serves his customers with the same level of service he expects for his own family, friends, and parents. 

From Historic Homes to New Construction

In keeping with the many periods of architecture represented by homes throughout the city, Ned is a local expert when it comes to working within structural confines to update older homes without altering the character of the building or room. Whether fishing wires through ceilings and walls with little to no damage to the existing structures, or designing lighting and electrical plans from the ground up, Bothwell Electric operates comfortably in older homes and renovations, as well as new and modern renovations. 

Ned's Promise

If you're looking for an electrician who can turn your vision into reality while meeting your specific needs, Ned has the experience to tackle any problem and offer concrete solutions. If you're still in the planning stages, he can help you visualize each stage of the job, and will keep you informed of what to expect along the way.